Continuum Care Services

Continuum Care (Cornwall) services can be short or long term, according to individual needs. Someone recovering from serious injury may need support for only a few months; others (e.g. people with dementia) may require support for the rest of their lives.

Where appropriate, we can offer full-life care from an early age. Full-life care aims to enable a young person to thrive as early as possible in their lives, before challenges build towards crises. Where early support is not possible, Continuum Care is able to offer positive involvement at any stage of life.

Every care package is built around the individual’s unique needs. We strive to help our clients feel valued and hopeful; to develop their life skills, self-esteem and training; and to achieve inclusion in their community.

Care at home: all ages

Continuum - Caring for all ages

Our domiciliary care services support people of all ages, and with a wide range of mental health and physical conditions, to remain in their own homes for as long as they wish or as long as it is safe to do so. Traditional care at home generally means a relatively light touch, helping clients with self-care (washing, dressing, meal preparation, medication administration) and social interaction / stimulus.

We support all medical conditions including dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, age-related challenges, general physical and mental health conditions including substance-related problems (e.g. alcohol), as well as recovery from injury and illness. We are qualified to deal with PEG feeding, stoma and catheters.

Our domiciliary services generally involve shorter timeframes, usually between 0.5 – 1.5 hours per visit. They may be commissioned by clients themselves and / or Cornwall Health and Social Care or Health.

Supportive lifestyle care: Adults

Swimming pool fun

Lifestyle care services offer support for people to regain, maintain or learn new skills. It succeeds most with people who consciously want to progress towards independence, however that may look. Each package is uniquely built around the individual client’s specific needs and goals.

Many of our clients have a history of behaviour that may feel challenging for others. Our aim is to reduce the need for restraint, and to support individuals in developing their own self-calming measures.

We aim to promote inclusion in the local community and help get people into education, work or training where possible. We help them source and arrange a place to live where they can feel safe and at home, bringing significant benefits to their stability and wellbeing.


Other kinds of support may include, but are not limited to:

  • Job applications
  • Benefit applications
  • Court appointed deputies
  • Independent advocates
  • Personal financial management skills
  • Signposting services that may help clients stay at home (e.g. disability needs)

Children’s services

Continuum Children Services

Continuum Care (Cornwall) is working towards providing small residential homes for young people with Autism, Asperger’s and/or physical and mental health conditions. Our aim is to support children and young people to remain in or restart education, and to develop life skills that foster self-esteem and inclusion in their community.

We take a ‘waking hours’ approach to education, supporting children in developing life skills that go beyond curriculum learning, such as washing, dressing, sleep routines, and regulating feelings and behaviours. These opportunities are threaded throughout their day, in a positive environment that reduces the need for restraint.

Continuum Care (Cornwall) has registered to use the ASDAN Curriculum to provide education and training within this framework. We are also currently applying to register the new services with OFSTED. The first property application is currently with Cornwall Council pending approval for a change of use.

Outreach services: all ages

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Currently in development, Continuum Care’s outreach services will support adults and children to remain in their own homes whilst helping them in areas of their lives where they experience difficulties. Support will be tailored to the individual’s unique needs, for example: education or training; life skills such as managing personal finances, shopping and self-care; inclusion within their community and creating fulfilling social lives.

Achievable care plan targets will be assigned to appropriate blocks of time, commissioned via the local authority or privately. We aim for each individual to develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of ownership in their striving and progress, supporting them through setbacks to integrate challenges as learning for personal growth. We provide constancy in a non-blaming partnership, and we don’t give up.

Facilitation Space: families and personal networks


Also currently in development, Continuum Care (Cornwall) will be offering rooms in our premises for families and other close members of our clients’ support networks to meet for support, discussion and signposting towards relevant services.

We recognise that families and close friends are a vital part of a client’s wellbeing, and are often strongly affected by the client’s struggles. Our support is designed to help restore, develop and maintain positive and healthy relationships. This approach helps families understand behaviours they may find challenging, and to develop strategies to cope with difficult times, whether specific incidences or longer term patterns.

The strategies link into the client’s care framework, creating continuity and consistency. They are not only beneficial to the client but also to the family, enabling them to remain involved, feel supported, and able to contribute actively to the client’s progress towards greater long-term wellbeing.

A secure place to live: adults

At home doing the jobs

The security of an appropriate place to live has a significant impact on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. We support our clients with the information and skills to obtain secure tenancy either by purchasing property that they may rent affordably; or by researching suitable private landlords; or by working with housing associations and/or the local authority to secure a property that the client can call home.

We also help clients develop personal financial management skills, to avoid jeopardising security of tenure and towards presenting positive records when seeking new tenancies.

If you are a landlord with well-maintained property and would like to work with us, please get in touch.

Forest School: all ages

Continuum Forest School creative fun

We are currently looking for an appropriate piece of land where all our clients can participate in learning in an inclusive, alternative outdoor environment. Forest School has an ethos of inspirational learning and personal growth through creative play, exploration and supported risk-taking. It develops confidence and self-esteem through direct experiences in a natural setting.