Adult and Children’s Care Services at their best

Continuum Care provides care and support to adults and children living in their own homes in Cornwall. Our clients have a wide range of mental health and physical conditions; we work with them and their families to help develop lasting beneficial outcomes for everyone in the individual’s support network. Our aim is to enable people to live at home, in a fulfilling and positive way, for as long as it is safe for them to do so.

Adult Care Services

At home: from regular visits to complex 24-hour care

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Continuum Care visit to Tehidy Nature Park

Children's Care Services

A waking-hours approach to education, through to full-life care

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CC Cornwall - Children's services

Providing clients and their families with support, care and strategies for positive long-term outcomes

Some of our clients require only short-term support while they recover from illness or injury. Others with mental health conditions, physical challenges and age-related needs may require care and support for the rest of their lives. Continuum provides appropriate services to enable a client to remain safely in their own home and manage their lives as independently as possible. We also work with clients’ families, helping them understand behaviours they may find challenging, and developing strategies to cope with difficult times. Thus families are able to contribute actively to the client’s progress towards greater wellbeing.

Continuum Care (Cornwall) was registered with the Care Quality Commission in 2016.

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